The Agenda is out!

The Agenda is out!

Amber has a very special agenda this year.

Each category starts with a presentation from global and regional corporates. They talk about the respective formats, about what they are expecting of the nominees, they share their vision about shortlisted projects and discuss the future of the different types of events.

After their presentation the 3 finalists-agencies come on stage and present their showcases. In few minutes they are talking about the idea of the event, clients brief, goals and impact.

The discussion about the projects take place in the end, when the opponents and reviewers (corporates and associations representatives) pose questions to the finalists and to all Amber’s participants. This is a huge discussion, education and inspiration part of the event.

Moreover, a lot of important topics and questions have to be explored such as
• Budget expectations from Client’s point of view,
• Communication between TECH and EVENT leaders,
• Human resources lack,
• Overbooked suppliers issues and
many others…

We invite the event agencies, corporates, venues, and event suppliers
We will give a glimpse of what is going on in different markets
We will show the best showcases
We will make possible a live communication between you and the industry
We will draw new industry’s map of Europe

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