“Temporary Outdoor LED Screen Structures”

“Temporary Outdoor LED Screen Structures”

Don’t miss the “Temporary Outdoor LED Screen Structures” presentation by Area Four Industries Technical Director, Dipl-Ing. Norbert Tripp, on 16 September from 13:30 – 14:15 in the Lighting and Production Theatre (London Olympia Hall).

Temporary outdoor LED screen support structures are an important part of today’s leading live events, and this will become more and more prevalent going forward. With this in mind, Norbert dives into their proper use, design, advance planning in their set-up and important safety measures to consider.

During the presentation, Norbert will provide answers to such questions as how LED screens react under wind loads, as well as what the load-bearing structure should look like and how to take the proper precautions in case of high wind speeds.

Area Four Industries help to keep you informed and safe!

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