Bild zu “Begeistern, bestärken, erfolgreich sein” wird zu Kernbotschaft des EuBea 2016

“Begeistern, bestärken, erfolgreich sein” wird zu Kernbotschaft des EuBea 2016

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EuBea 2016 - Das Internationale Event- und Live-Kommunikationsfestival gibt das Konzept sowie den Inhalt des Kongresses und die Keynote-Speaker bekannt.

An outstanding agenda that will feature as one of the highlights of the Festival, conceived to boost excellence in events and live communication across Europe, and culminating in the awarding of prizes to the best events of the year.

Inspire, empower, succeed is the key motto of this year´s edition of EuBea Festival, that will provide content from industry-leading speakers following the common desire to inspire, empower and support the industry to succeed. All topics are devised on the needs of heads of event agencies, corporate event directors, representatives of event associations and trade media and are focused on driving live communication knowledge and skills into participants. The aim is to endow them with an action plan to improve the live com strategy & effectiveness of their projects. Industry experts, representatives of major international corporations and consulting companies will discuss relevant topics, share best practices, exchange skills, stimulate creativity and create engagement.

The first day of the Festival will be focused on the award competition – the European Best Event Awards – with the live presentations of shortlisted events in an “x-Factor” style. During 10 minutes of presentation, finalist agencies will have to prove to a highly qualified international Jury, comprising corporate event managers and associations, to possess the «e-Factor», the event factor and deserve the award. The Festival delegates will have the unique opportunity to attend to the live presentations of the best European cases of the year and personally learn from the most creative and productive solutions.

On the second day, industry-leading speakers will share live communication insights from different angles. Delegates will be offered the opportunity to choose among three thematic routes, to learn from inspirational keynotes, to be empowered by engaging workshops or to find strategic or operational solutions in interactive sessions.

Gil Petersil from Networking Mastery Coach, Martijn Timmermanns and Tim Corporaal from Event StoryBoard, Maarten Vanneste from Meeting Design Institute, John Gerzema from BAV Consulting and Becki Cross from Events Northern are just a few to name from an outstanding panel. All of them will share knowledge and skills to improve the effectiveness of events, starting with the client’s objectives and the participants’ desired outcomes, to end up with creative solutions to increase change in behaviour and the return on investment.

This year’s edition of EuBea will also offer the unprecedented opportunity to schedule individual appointments with speakers, Jury members and sponsors to inspire new ideas, to discuss individual business needs and to receive guidance and advice on specific pain points from experts. This year’s EuBea Leadership Conference Program is not just about up-to-date technology or tools – it is about creative ideas and effective solutions to drive the behaviour of participants towards a desired outcome.