Shortlist des Bea World Festivals veröffentlicht: 2018 wieder ein Rekordjahr

Shortlist des Bea World Festivals veröffentlicht: 2018 wieder ein Rekordjahr

151 von 303 Einreichungen - die höchste Zahl aller Zeiten - haben es nach Coimbra geschafft. Hier werden am 23. November 2018 die Gewinner während des Bea World Festivals prämiert. Indien, USA, Taiwan und Katar gehören zu den 26 Ländern die es in die engere Auswahl geschafft haben.

October 18th, 2018. Countdown to the 13th Best Event Awards, the contest reserved for events and live communication from all over the world, has formally begun with the announcement of the official entries’ shortlist.
Three records were set this year, in terms of entries (303 total submissions, +2.4% compared to last year), competing agencies (122, +10.9% compared to 2017) and countries represented (28).
151 shortlisted entries, from 26 countries, will compete this year for the iconic elephant trophies. Winners will be announced and awarded on a glittering night during the Bea World Festival - Where Creativity Meets Business, which will take place in Coimbra, in the Centre of Portugal, from November 21st to 24th.
The shortlist, that can be seen here: https://www.beaworldfestival.com/shortlist-2018/
, was announced at the end of an online ballot overseen by a Jury Panel, which includes representatives of top corporate companies with local and international responsibility and senior members of national event associations from different countries in the world.
Italy leads the ranking of countries represented with 72 entries, of which 34 made the shortlist. At second place, Germany with 33 entries and 15 shortlisted, Russia (24/13), the Czech Republic (21/10), Belgium (19/9), Norway (19/6), and the Netherlands (17/11).
Among non-European countries, India stands out with 4 shortlisted events out of its total 4 submissions, Qatar with 3 out of 3 submissions, the USA with 2 shortlisted events out of 3 total entries, Taiwan with 2 out of 2 entries, and Argentina with 1 out of 2 entries.
Entries will compete in 19 categories (15 event categories and 4 feature categories) and 3 macro categories (B2C < €500,000, B2C > €500,000 and B2B > €500,000).
All shortlisted agencies will have the opportunity to present their projects live in Coimbra during the Bea World Festival in front of the audience and the Jury, led this year by Gerd De Bruycker, Marketing Director at Cisco Systems: a further chance to convey the strengths of the finalist events.
Live presentations will take place on November 22nd at Convento Sao Francisco in Coimbra. The following day, in the same venue, delegates will build their personalised agenda mapped to their individual specializations and needs and will be able to choose from uplifting keynotes, practical sessions, unconventional and interactive expert sessions and hands-on workshops. In the evening, the Convento will host the long-awaited award ceremony and the after-party. The last day, November 24th, will be set aside for leisure activities to discover Coimbra. The theme “Creative Thinking – The Art of Breaking Routines” will be a fil rouge throughout the Festival.

Bea World Festival – Where Creativity Meets Business, is a unique and once-in-a-year opportunity to see the world’s best-in-class events live, stay up-to-date with the changing landscape of live communication, develop business and learn from leading experts for future success.
Tickets can be bought on Bea World Festival official website: www.beaworldfestival.com

The Festival is an initiative by ADC Group and it is made possible thanks to the collaboration of APECATE, the association that gathers and represents the Portuguese companies of Congresses, Events and Tourism Animation, along with the institutional support of Tourism of Portugal, Tourism of Central Portugal and Coimbra City Council.

About ADC Group:
ADC Group is a media holding company, co-founded in 2002 by Salvatore Sagone. The group includes the communication news agencies ADVexpress and e20express and Nuova Comunicazione magazine. ADC Group also issues the I Quaderni della Comunicazione reading series and since 2006 it has organised the Best Event Awards, as well as other Awards and initiatives dedicated to the Italian communication and event market (BEA – Italian Best Event Awards, Best Location Awards, NC Awards, NC Digital Awards).

APECATE is the association that gathers and represents the Portuguese companies of Congresses, Events and Tourist Animation. APECATE focuses on the representation of sectors of relevance in the Creative Industry and Tourism, which include companies that design, organize and produce innovative products and services of great strategic interest for the Portuguese Economy: small and large congresses, national or international, conferences, meetings, corporate, marketing and cultural events, team-building activities, outdoor incentives and activities of tourist animation (outdoor tourism and cultural tourism activities). In 2010, for the good services provided to Tourism, APECATE was awarded the Silver Medal of Tourist Merit, awarded by the State Department of Tourism and Tourism of Portugal, IP.

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