Are you a winner?

Are you a winner?

Have you got what it takes to win a European Best Event Award (EuBEA)? memo-media is proud to announce that it is the unique german media partner of the prestigious awards.

European Best Event Awards is the first international award dedicated to events in Europe. For the first time awards are given to a new means of communication, the event, which is taking on more and more importance in companies' marketing mix.

The Award's objective is the valorisation of the event as an innovative means of communication, fully included in the media mix and in companies' widest communication strategies. EuBea is a real and valid way of giving a company or trademark visibility with an excellent mass media return.

EuBEA is promoted by ADC Group, a publishing company based in Milan that provides online and paper products to those working in advertising, marketing, media and events. Since the first edition, EuBEA has experienced a continuous growth and last year there where 100 entrants from 10 different countries. At the Awards ceremony 2009 people came from 12 countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, England, Russia. Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Poland.

Participation in the EuBEA is open to: events agencies, Public Relations agencies, web agencies, advertising agencies, publishers, production houses, public bodies and associations, which have carried out a public or private event anywhere in the world, Italy and/or in Europe between July 1st, 2009 and July 30th, 2010.

The Awards Jury comprises international representatives from the corporate world trade associations, communications experts, and journalist experts in the event's field. First of all, the Jury has to evaluate online a certain numbers of events and has to draw up a shortlist. The shortlist will then be voted on a full working day in a plenary session involving all the judges. This second step takes place in a European Capital. This is when the winners will be decided.

The EuBEA Jury will grant the following awards: one European Best Event Award, eight awards for technical excellence, 16 awards geared towards event type and four special awards. Every year, after the Jury Sessions, we ask the jurors to give their opinion about the categories and suggest changes or additions. Last year we added Unconventional Event (an award for the best Guerrilla marketing and Ambient Media actions). Previously these kind of events were judged in the Public Event category, but the growing use in companies' marketing mix have allowed them have their own category. We pay attention to the trends in the industry and keep EuBEA always up to date.

As Memo Media writes, the EuBEA is calling for German companies - corporate teams, event management, companies, experiential agencies, event suppliers and creative organisations - to enter the awards and be in with a chance of winning one of the awards. In addition the chance to be named Best Events Agency in Europe. You have until July 30 to enter. Simply visit www.besteventawards.com to discover the full list of award categories.

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