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UpSideDown—Circus and Space - International Conference


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“In acrobatics, we say that we are lost, that is, we do not know whether it’s the top or the bottom, whether we are climbing or falling.”

This conference examines the question of space in the context of traditional, new, and contemporary circus through the lens of semiotics. Fields such as Liminal Spaces, Theories of Place and Space, Borders and Border Crossing, Performing in and Mapping Space, and Transnational Spaces may also be considered. Its aim is to deepen the knowledge obtained at the previous conference “Semiotics of the Circus” (2015), which was organized by the research project Zirkus|Wissenschaft at the University of Münster, Germany.

We invite proposals for papers which inquire into the following topics concerning questions of circus and space:

• Ring, stage, street—Circus performance spaces
• Boundaries, barriers, horizons—Circus and mobility
• Horizontality, verticality, gravity—Body movement and space
• Borders, orders, shifts—Circus and semantic spaces
• Constructs, configuration, practice—Circus and cultural spaces

Prof. Dr. Paul Bouissac | Toronto
Prof. Dr. Louis-Patrick Leroux | Montréal
Prof. Dr. Philippe Goudard | Montpellier
Prof. Dr. Peta Tait | Melbourne

The event is open to the public. Please register via mail.

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Zirkus | Wissenschaft
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