Professional and persuasive presenting in English for medical professionals

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Anmeldeschluss: 14.12.2013
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How you can learn to do great presentations at international medical congresses and conferences. Your challenge As a scientist and clinician you often have to give high-profile presentations during international congresses. You will be asked to hold a poster session in which you will explain key information that will hopefully fascinate and capture your audience. Basic Principles Learning how to present professionally is not rocket science. It doesn´t require any incredibly complex high-tech information to do it well. To present really well you just need to learn some basic principles. Learning these principles and then applying them will guarantee your future success in your international presentations.

Content of the seminar
You will learn:
- To discover what your audience really wants
- How to create impact as a presenter
- To clearly define objectives and presentation
- To provide your audience with a take-home message ( A short, clear, punchy message they can remember)
- To handle visual aids professionally. The philosophy here is “less is often more.”
- To use verbal and non-verbal means to influence your delegates
- How to deliver your message in a way that it will come across well to a multi-cultural audience
- The differences between European-style presentations and American ones
- How to answer difficult questions
- What to do when things go wrong Teaching Methods
- Pre-prepared short presentations
- Case studies (own real cases – a presentation you will hold soon)
- Video input
- Video recording and feedback from fellow delegates
- Discussion in plenum
- Pair work Target Group
For medical professionals who need to present in international conferences. Group size Maximum of 8 participants to ensure very intensive and tailor-made seminar. Minimum: 4 participants http://www.ieca-mannheim.de/seminare/professional-and-persuasive-presenting-in-english-for-medical-professionals/

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