You should want to win!

You should want to win!

In the world of events you don’t get extra points for playing it modest.
Winning an Amber shows your agency is the best in your field.

• You get great media coverage from the industry’s media.
• You get feedback from a world-class jury.
• You can compare yourself with other nominees
• You have the chance to open new business opportunities and boost profits.

Submit the most creative event, come up with the top innovation, show a campaign that has reached more people than anyone else. Don’t be scared to show your achievements. An agency that’s an international event award finalist finds a lot more open doors and earns bragging rights.

Dare to win
Dare to learn
Dare to put yourself on the new map of the LiveCom service.
16-17 May 2022
Tallinn. Dare to be there.

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EST-13911 Tallinn
Baltic for Events
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