Stefanie Rummel: Chansons – Songs & Stories from Piaf, Brel & Me

Stefanie Rummel: Chansons – Songs & Stories from Piaf, Brel & Me
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Her Musical Cabaret brings the Joie de Vivre to the 75th Edinburgh Festival Fringe

5x Award-Winner Stefanie Rummel takes her acclaimed musical cabaret „Chansons“ to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The musical cabaret show boasts the style which has charmed audiences all over the world, with French Songs and Stories from Piaf, Brel and Rummel herself! „Chansons“ will run from 5th – 21st August at 17:45. Spoken in English, sung in French and English, it will bring a truly international experience to the Scottish doorstep.

The show „Chansons“ premiered live in Germany in 2019. Since then Stefanie Rummel has performed live and online in theatres or cabarets in New York and San Francisco, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, C ARTS, Lathi Fringe, Living Records Festival, New Zealand Fringe, Brighton Fringe at conventions, dinner theatres, theatres and at the Reykjavik Fringe Festival.

„Chansons“ was nominated for „Producer of the Year & Choice Theatermaker“ 2021 and „Best Player & Best Musical“ 2022 by The TheaterMakers Studio from the Tony Award winner Ken Davenport. Stefanie Rummel just became finalist as the Best Vocalist at the InterContinental Music Award 2022. „Amsterdam“ by Jacques Brel from Chansons was selected.

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