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Fly your sound high and safely

vom 15.03.2019 veröffentlicht über meinMemo

Introducing the new LITEC FLYINTOWER 10-1,600, which provides safety, stability and rigidity for flying up to 1,600kg of audio equipment at heights up to 10m! Designed to bridge the gap in the LITEC FLYINTOWER range, which includes solutions with load capacities from 300 to 2000 kg, the FLYINTOWER 10-1,600 features a 15° inclined mast.

The LITEC FLYINTOWER 10-1,600 uses standard truss in its construction, instead of custom made truss, making potential replacement of truss sections quick and convenient. The main vertical tower is constructed with QL40A truss, while QH30SA truss is used for the stabilizing legs. Sturdy fork connectors ensure all truss connection points are strong and rigid.

An electric chain hoist or manual winch can be used to lift your line array speaker system. Dedicated accessories specifically made for LITEC FLYINTOWER 10-1,600 are also available. Custom versions are possible on request.

Key benefits:

• Height: 10m
• Loading capacity: 1,600 kg
• Main truss: QL40A
• Base dimensions: 5.8m x 7.5m