Von Rimini in die ganze Welt: EuBea wird Bea World

Von Rimini in die ganze Welt: EuBea wird Bea World

Im vergangenen März hat die Stadt Rimini an der adriatischen Küste Italiens die Beiratssitzung für die EuBea 2017 begrüßt. Das Treffen vereint jährlich führende Vertreter der internationalen Veranstaltungsgemeinschaft, um Leitlinien für das EuBea-Festival zu diskutieren und Anregungen zu vermitteln.

On the basis of the ideas that emerged during the meeting, we decided to take the plunge. After 11 years, EuBea, the European Best Event Awards, becomes Bea World. An Award, as well as a Festival, without any more barriers, reserved to the entire international event industry.

“Bea World should have only been a section of the competition, but we realized that the time is now right to take a decisive step and ensure that Bea World takes the place of EuBea,” says Salvatore Sagone, Founder of EuBea and Bea World Festivals. “We recognize that the communications industry is now global more than ever and that EuBea, with its 12-year history, has gained the experience and prestige necessary to dare to take such a step. Also, there is no other worldwide Award dedicated to the events and live communications industry. So here we are!”

Both the Bea World Awards and the Bea World Festival will be open to companies from the event industry based anywhere across the globe, including event agencies, public relations, communications, promotions, advertising and web agencies, corporations, public bodies, associations, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, locations, etc.

EuBea will not be lost, as there will still be a special award dedicated to the Best Event produced in Europe. However, the competition will be one and one only, and unequivocally global: Bea World Awards. “We are certain we are making the right choice, no matter how demanding and ambitious. So, it’s now time to make room for creativity from around the world: registrations will open soon!” concludes Sagone.

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