EuBEA Delegierten: Mitten im Herzen der Veranstaltung

EuBEA Delegierten: Mitten im Herzen der Veranstaltung

Kommen Sie nach Sevilla mit einem Delegierten-Pass und nutzen Sie diese einzigartige Chance, um Neues zu lernen und aktiv zu networken - und genießen Sie dabei noch die schöne Stadt.

The 2014 edition of EuBEA is rich in novelties as already announced: it’s the first time ever of EuBEA Festival, it will be held in an amazing new location, and it offers the possibility to attend as Delegate. Moreover many renewed international speakers will be protagonist on the stage.

The Festival and the location have been deeply explained, so let’s talk first of all about the Delegate Pass.

The Delegate Pass enables you to be inspired by the live presentations of all shortlisted Events Agencies; cast your vote for the Delegate Award, Network with your peers from 20 different European countries, Actively participate in the Leadership Conference Programme, with top class Keynote speakers from 3 different continents; celebrate at EuBea Awards ceremony, which will take place on the evening of October 24th and enjoy all lunches and dinners that we have organized in order to make networking the key element of the Festival.

Moreover you can take advantage of the rich leisure programme we have planned for Saturday October 25th, to help you explore the beautiful city of Seville; For further information and buy your delegate pass: www.eubeafestival.eu

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