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An interview to Alexander Safonov, Bea World Jury President

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Alexander Safonov, Global Event Director bei Oriflame Cosmetics, wird die Jury der Best Event Awards 2019 leiten. Zusammen mit seinem Team ist Alexander für die globalen und regionalen Großveranstaltungen von Oriflame verantwortlich. Er erhielt mehrere professionelle Event-Preise in Russland und 4 EuBea-Preise und war einige Jahre Jury-Mitglied der Best Event Awards. Vor seinem Wechsel zu Oriflame leitete Alexander alle wichtigen Marketingkampagnen für Microsoft Russland. Wir haben ihm ein paar Fragen zum Bea World Festival gestellt und einige Tipps für die Teilnehmer erfahren, um die Jury zu beeindrucken.

What are the most valuable takeaways you have gained by being a Bea World jury member for the past years?
"Number one is inspiration. Being a jury member allows you to see truly best-in-class projects from around the world. Second – networking. You do hang out with the best in the live com industry, you widen your network and learn from each other. And learning is the third and probably the most valuable takeaway – you learn from the best submissions, you learn from your peers and network and you learn from the great line-up of top industry speakers at the Festival."

In your opinion, what is the added value of taking part in the Best Event Awards for event agencies?
"In addition to the opportunity to be recognized on a global level, it will help them increase their brand awareness, meet new partners and suppliers and catch new business opportunities."

What advice would you give to agencies competing for Bea World Festival?
"1) Highlight (to yourself, first of all) why you think your submitted event is worth to be awarded.
2) Answer all questions in the online form fully but briefly;
3) Choose the right category(-ies) for your submission;
4) Prepare well for the live presentation in front of the Jury, be excited and don’t let the jury fall asleep during your presentation"