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A message from Bea World

vom 03.03.2022 veröffentlicht über meinMemo

Milan, March 3, 2022 | What is happening in Ukraine was entirely unthinkable until only a few days ago. The Russian government is conducting a bloody and unwarranted aggression against Ukraine, violating its borders and the rights of an independent and sovereign people. The images of death and devastation we are witnessing cannot leave us indifferent and require a clear and decisive stance.

For this reason, the organizers of the Bea World Festival have decided to suspend the participation in the most authoritative international award dedicated to live communication of all companies based within the borders of the Russian Federation until common sense and diplomacy prevail.

"Ours is a position against the current government of Russia, and not against the professionals of the Russian event industry - says Salvatore Sagone, organizer of Bea Festival - with many of whom I am tied by years of collaboration, respect, and authentic friendship. I can also say that most of the Russian event community is against this absurd war. I still have in mind the images of joy and brotherhood that have characterized recent editions of the Festival, which has always strived to build bridges between different cultures and languages. Today, however, it is necessary to be on the side of those who suffer from an unjustified war and against those who choose weapons and oppression as an instrument of confrontation. Accordingly, we feel close to the Ukrainian people with whom we share the pain and grief they are unjustly suffering. We are ready to welcome Russian agencies and companies back to our Festival as soon as peace is restored and the independence of Ukraine respected."